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Furniture as a Display Case? Why not?

In recent Ferrante Framing blogs, we discussed special collections or memorabilia encased in frames to act as reminders of a special event or vacation. We can do the same thing with simple display cases, framing collections or souvenirs from visits to special places with people we love.

Recently, a customer asked us: “Can you turn that display case into a table for me? I’d love to feature it as a coffee table display.” Of course, we can do that! Our customer’s plan is to fill it with her collection of antique teacups and silver spoons, along with a lace tablecloth her grandmother crocheted. It will be beautiful!

Display cases on their own are a way to bring together items from your past that have special meaning, which on their own can function as art. The items themselves may not mean much to other people, but collected in a display case, they tell a story about their owner. And what a great conversation starter!

If you have a special collection and it’s out in the open - and you are tired of dusting it! - why not put it under glass? A display case is the perfect way to bring it all together. Give us a call at 905-646-2390, or send us an email at You can also contact us online!

We can’t wait to see your collection!