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Mirror, mirror: A simple looking glass has the power to transform any room

As we leave the house for the day, we step toward a mirror, peering at our images to make sure there’s nothing between our teeth, checking to see if our buttons are done up evenly.

That’s just the simplest use for a mirror. It can have other functions, beyond its original one, which is to create a reflection.

Let’s reflect on these functions:

At Ferrante Framing, our staff have worked with clients who wanted to make a design statement; or bring more light into a room; or create an optical illusion; or just create a unique dressing area - all with mirrors.

Mirrors are available in all shapes and sizes, with fancy bevelling around the edges, with straight edges, and - probably the most exciting thing about them - they can be framed or displayed however you want, no exceptions.

We had one client who had us frame eight-inch by eight-inch mirrors in silver-coloured frames. She installed them in her home in a dark, narrow staircase. The mirrors did the trick of reflecting light from a recessed window, on the opposite wall. It’s an optical illusion, but it worked. Her staircase seemed much larger when it was done.

Another client used a long, rectangular mirror as the base of a frame on a display coffee table. It, too, was designed with the purpose of reflecting light back into a room with an obscured natural light source. 

Still another client saved a unique window from an older home that was being remodelled. She had our Ferrante Framing experts design a mirror to sit inside the window frame, and she displayed it in her new dining room, above the buffet cabinet.

Fancy, framed mirrors can make a small powder room seem larger; mirrored tile in the shape of letters can spell out fun messages on any flat surface, and tiny, round mirrors can add bling to any boring wall. Large, ornately framed free-standing mirrors make a dramatic statement in any decor.

Big or small, mirrors truly have it all. They have the power to visually change a room, with unlimited choices for framing, hanging, standing free or mounting.

Mirrors are a budget-friendly way to personalize any space, making it seem larger and brighter, or full of dramatic impact.

Are you ready to add some drama to your own decor? Give us a call at 905-646-2390, or send us an email at You can also contact us on the website via our “Contact Us” link, HERE