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Graduation gift an honour well deserved

Graduation Photo

Graduation time is right around the corner.

Whether you’re honouring the sacrifices of the hard-working college or university student, or welcoming the high-school student into the world of post-secondary education, there are lots of ways to let your students know you respect them, and are proud of their accomplishments.

Having been through this with their own families, Ferrante Framing staff offer the following tips for showing your appreciation of all the graduates have achieved:

* Go to commencement. Even if it means an overnight travel trip, it’s a memory you’ll share with your child, with opportunities for photos together, for meeting other students and their families and hearing first-hand how their school is proud of them.

* Offer to host a graduation get-together for family and friends. Your son or daughter may not want this, but after many years at school, it’s nice to gather everyone together to see how your family has changed; to share stories and enjoy a meal.

* Offer a quiet family celebration, with a visit to a favourite restaurant. Propose a toast your son or daughter and let them know how you are proud of their accomplishments.

* Here’s something a younger sibling can do: Make a memory board, framed or unframed (Ferrante Framing can help with this!). This is something all will enjoy seeing, especially if it contains photos from your graduate’s time at school; from childhood through secondary school; from times with friends and times together with family members.

* Find a gift suited to the graduate’s chosen profession. For families with few budget restraints, a new car or a computer will always be welcome! But when budget restraints prohibit extravagance, there are ways to give gifts that won’t cost the Earth. 

The FerranteHome Shop offers plenty of gift ideas, with specialty items out just in time to celebrate graduation. But if you can’t make it in, staff wanted to share their ideas with you.

Some of these are: A fine set of drafting pencils or pens and a nice sketch tablet; new briefcase, or supplies like legal pads, or perhaps a subscription to a monthly magazine of their choice; a new stethoscope; the gift of a comfortable pair of shoes; tickets to a sporting event, a concert or theatre production; gift of clothing suitable for the new work environment; a new watch or cellphone; help moving to where the graduate finds employment; offer to stock the refrigerator and freezer in the new apartment, and finally, offer support, letting your young adult know you are available at any time to discuss problems and listen to their ideas. Communication is a gift that keeps on giving, as long as it continues.

Ferrante Framing experts offer one final tip: Frame the graduate’s favourite photo from commencement, but keep it for yourself. 

Every time your young adult returns home, he or she will see the photo on your wall, and they will know how proud of them you are. That is a gift they’ll cherish for their lifetime.

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