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Frame those Easter memories, before they hop away

Photo Family PlayingThere’s a reason why we at Ferrante Framing chose the slogan “You name it, we frame it” - It’s because we really will find a way to frame or display anything at all.

Our talents lie in custom framing: In the past, Ferrante Framing expert team members have handled materials from the traditional graduation photo all the way up to medals from the Second World War, wedding memorabilia and children’s sports trophies. 

Check out our gallery HERE; you’ll see fine examples of our custom-framing efforts, along with some gallery-type displays of tributes to family and community members.

In addition to traditional framing services, we provide custom services for matting; display cases; pop art and “plak-it” styles of framing. The possibilities for commemorating events and honouring memories are endless!

Since Easter is just around the corner, Ferrante Framing’s team wants you to know that it’s possible to save items from your family’s celebration to create a special display.

In addition to the traditional Christian celebration that defines Easter, many families and community organizations put on public celebrations offering fun events for everyone, like Easter egg hunts, scavenger hunts and gatherings celebrating the long-awaited arrival of spring, when weather finally begins to stabilize. There may be picnics; barbecues; outdoor sporting events; spring bazaars; flea markets; craft shows; impromptu hikes and the first family basketball game of the season, with a focus on “together time” and outdoor fun.

So, break out the skipping ropes and sidewalk chalk - Easter’s coming, and you’ll want to remember as much as possible about it, especially if your family has young children. Take photos, save memorabilia, then leave it up to Ferrante Framing to create a special display, just for you.

Bring us items like Easter baskets; Easter grass; bunny ears; photos of children or grandchildren playing outdoors or attending events in their Easter finery; include a sample of Easter treats and perhaps even photos from your Easter family dinner - why not?

We would love to be challenged to create a display honouring your family’s fun events.

It’s what we do!

Got questions? Give us a call at 905-646-2390, or send us an email at You can also contact us on the website via our “Contact Us” link, HERE

Happy Easter!