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Evoke Memories

PictureHave you ever wondered what to do with all the photos you’ve been collecting on your smartphone, tablet or digital camera?

You may not realize it, but you have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie, right at your fingertips. The experts at Ferrante Framing can help you frame, and install, a gallery of memories for your special someone.

New technology on smart phones and tablets, along with more affordable prices of digital cameras, allows even the most timid of amateur photographers to capture life in its best moments. The difficulty will be in going through the photos, organizing them into time frames, and choosing the ones to use as gifts.

At a recent family birthday party, we organized a team of amateur photographers to capture events: Children playing together, presents being opened, birthday cake and candles, and family tableaux.

Each photographer captured wonderful expressions on children’s faces, grandparents and children playing together, photos of extended family grouped around great-grandparents, and more. 

Our difficulty was choosing seven or eight commemorative photos to be framed for our grandparents’ “family gallery wall.” It was our gift to them, a gift produced by love, meant to evoke the memory of the day.

You could do this, too! But we can also recommend another use for your smart phone or digital device: Go find your family’s old photo albums, and find the photos you think will best please your sweetheart as gifts. Take photos of these using your digital device, and let Ferrante Framing experts help you turn them into the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Some suggestions are:

* Parents’ wedding day or honeymoon photos;

* Photos from grandparents’ day, of parents as babies and children;

* Photos of your present family’s children at play and from life events, like prom and graduation;

* Photos of pets, previous and current;

* Family gathering shots, from weddings and other events, and

* Photos of special friends, sharing special events.

Create a gallery wall of memories for your sweetheart, with “art” made up of the faces of friends, family members and events. We can guarantee they’ll love this gift. 

Ferrante Framing experts will help you select frames, do the framing, and even install the gallery. If you want to make it a surprise, we can arrange for installation at your convenience.

Come visit us at 210 Niagara St., St. Catharines. Our hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday; closed Sunday and Monday (available Monday by appointment only).

If you have questions, give us a call at 905-646-2390 or send us a message via the contact page on our website, HERE.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift is right at your fingertips!